What is Communism

Despite claims of its supporters of standing up for equality and justice, communist politics has always been associated with violence, repression, authoritarianism and intolerance of dissidence. However, there is a tendency to romanticize and justify communist excesses as a deviation rather than its characteristic. Such exercises are generally supported by popular culture in movies, television and books. As also by politically motivated left-liberal academics. Here is my attempt to counter that propaganda.

The Bhagat Singh syndrome

I see this kind of behavior from my fellow Indians very often. Probably even I indulge in it sometimes. I call this the Bhagat Singh syndrome. You can hear people exclaim that there will no more be another Bhagat Singh who will sacrifice selflessly for the greater good. But if you challenge them, they'll not want their own kid to be that self-sacrificing Bhagat Singh.

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