Swadeshi and Nationalism in India 2020

Recently read a piece in Print on how the Vocal for Local campaign promoted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his supporters is all hypocrisy because the 'nationalists' had abandoned the Indian mobile phone maker Micromax and preferred Chinese mobile brands. If interested, you will find the article here. First, the prime objective of the... Continue Reading →

Ideology and politics in India

If you have been on social media, especially Twitter, you would have heard things like right-wing trolls or left-wing anti-nationals or right wing Sanghis or left wing Urban-naxals, or that right-wing ecosystem is threatening minorities or that left-wing ecosystem is trying to break India, etc. Have you ever wonder what this right-wing and left-wing business... Continue Reading →

The cult of one

.......it cost the nation a lot to keep you in poverty - Sarojini Naidu to Mohandas Gandhi Nothing has harmed the Hindu cause in modern era more than the personality cult, the deification if an individual. In 1947 we had the opportunity for a new beginning. Total population exchange and a constitution and governance system... Continue Reading →

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