The Bhagat Singh syndrome

I see this kind of behavior from my fellow Indians very often. Probably even I indulge in it sometimes. I call this the Bhagat Singh syndrome. You can hear people exclaim that there will no more be another Bhagat Singh who will sacrifice selflessly for the greater good. But if you challenge them, they'll not want their own kid to be that self-sacrificing Bhagat Singh.

Interesting science: Coffee, Sleep and Sugar

Coffee is among the most consumed beverages in the world. For crores of people around the world, their day begins with a cup of coffee. It is supposed to help people get over their morning blues. It is also supposed to make you feel less tired at the end of a long work day. So, how does coffee work? Apart from a feeling of being energized, it seems to have other effects. What are those? Read on to know more.

India’s Left and the assault on democracy

Have you ever heard of a public representative that gets her constituents arrested for demanding such a basic civic amenity as a bus stand? You wouldn't have if you don't know the leftists that are currently in power in Kerala. Read along for details.

Core Agenda As A Election Strategy

Will promising to free temples from government get votes? Will ensuring equal educational rights of Hindus win you elections? Are there other material gains to doing the right thing beyond moral validation? Lets examine together in this blogpost.

Dear Hindu Friends…..

Dear Hindu friends, hold your outrage for a second and look for what's beyond the headline. That's the least you can do to respect the memory of your brave ancestors.

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